Puerto Los Cabos Marina in San Jose Del Cabo

The new marina has arrived to San Jose Del Cabo, it’s called Puerto Los Cabos.

Most definitely, it has taken it’s fair share of time, but the Corona family has done a magnificent job in constructing and getting up and running the new marina and harbor in San Jose Del Cabo.  So long are the days of needing to drive all the way into Cabo San Lucas to launch your boat at the launch ramp there.  If you are living or vacationing closer to San Jose Del Cabo, it is a very simply drive through town and the estuary to the new marina.  There is a nice webpage that talks about the making of the Puerto Los Cabos marina right here(for more information on that if you like.)

Some great features of the Puerto Los Cabos Marina:

  • Very easy to use launch ramp (never a wait, and some happy local Mexicans are there to help you out if you like)
  • Some of the nicest looking fillet tables for cutting up your catch when you return (look at the picture below)
  • Several nice public bathrooms (great places to drop a stinky load before or after fishing)
  • A nice beach to take a quick dip, or to drop your kids off at while you go out fishing for the day
  • Tons of panga boats to charter for fishing trips if you don’t have your own fishing boat
  • Live bait is often available from some of the locals if you arrive early enough in the morning
  • Several different taco stands and smaller restaurants are scattered around the marina (don’t be scared if they look like they haven’t been cleaned in years, those ones are usually the best tasting.  Best bet is to hit up a taco stand that has the most locals eating at it.  And feel free to bring your fish that you’ve caught right on in, and most places will cook it up for you
  • There is a fishing tackle shop that you can buy fishing gear and a Mexican Fishing License if you like (people over the age of 12 need to purchase a fishing license and it is around $15 or less per day)
  • Drydock storage facilities for boats that are needing a more long term solution
  • Other boat services and haul out options are available

Puerto Los Cabos Marina Pictures:

Puerto Los Cabos Marina
Puerto Los Cabos Marina (near the launch ramp)
Fish Cutting Tables at Puerto Los Cabos Marina
the fish filleting tables at the marina (girl sometimes included)
Boat Launch Ramp Puerto Los Cabos
the red car is launching our boat
mexicans fishing on pier
Some Amigos fishing on the docks in the marina