Cabo Mexico Fishing Report December 29, 2011

Palmilla Cabo Mexio
View of Palmilla Bay between San Jose and Cabo San Lucas

Today December 29, 2011 is the beginning of an 11 day long fishing trip.  What’s great is that the weather is looking quite a bit better this morning compared to the reports that we have heard from several amigos and local Mexican fishing guides down here in Cabo.  I guess the past few days, the weather has been relatively cool, with some variable to heavy winds in the afternoons.

This morning, the winds are very light, and the seas appear very calm here at Palmilla Bay.  Palmilla bay is located in-between the two towns of San Jose del Cabo and the more famous Cabo San Lucas.  Of the two towns, it is much closer to San Jose del Cabo.

Later on today, we are going to launch the Grady White boat we have down here, and take it out for some fishing.  We are still deciding where exactly to fish, but it is probably that we will launch out of San Jose del Cabo in their new marina, and then maybe take a stroll up the Sea of Cortez to the Gordo Banks.  There have been some reports of yellowfin tuna and dorado being taken out at the banks which is great news.  My wife is telling me not to come back to sea until we have some fish for her to eat.  I’m sure other fishermen can understand the pressures we go through.

In terms of how we plan on catching anything, well, we will probably be trolling heavy lures behind the boat, and if we get lucky, we might end up purchasing some live bait from some other amigos.

Time will tell, but since it’s been three years since I was down here in Cabo, I think we should be really lucky this time around.

More Cabo fishing updates will follow over the week, and hopefully some nice pictures of fish both being caught, and maybe even some live fishing videos.

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