Salmon Fishing in Santa Cruz June 2014 – Where Are The Fish?

Absolutely nothing to report here other than two conversations with the Fish and Game folks.

First conversation was two weeks ago at the launch ramp at Santa Cruz Harbor, it went something like this:

“Hey, has anybody reported any salmon caught at all around here today?”

The young girl (maybe 18) looked at me like I was asking her if she had seen Elvis walking around earlier.  Seriously, I knew right away that there was nothing to report at all in terms of fish being caught.  She said she hadn’t heard of or seen a single salmon caught out of Santa Cruz harbor in weeks.

Pretty much the same deal for the older Fish and Game guy I asked last Saturday.(He was one carrying a guy).

He told me the fishing was absoultely zero down this way but according to the pre-season speculation from the scientists, the fishing was to pick up come the second half of the season.  So maybe that will pan out.  Until then, no salmon out of Santa Cruz unfortunately.

One thought on “Salmon Fishing in Santa Cruz June 2014 – Where Are The Fish?”

  1. The salmon are certainly in there now – best places are generally shallow – have a buddy who had some nice success there this past weekend.

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