Trout Fishing the Browns River, Vermont

What a great way to spend the day yesterday.  Fishing for some nice brown trout in the pretty sweet Browns River, Vermont.  Just south, like a few hundred feet from the covered bridge, my wife and I purchased some worms, and then headed down to where the fire engines fill up their tanks from the river.  There is a big parking area a few hundred yards away since you can park where the big bend in the river is, but the walk is literally three minutes.

I started off with throwing in a small cast master lure and on the very first cast a small brown trout took a snap at the lure.  I did not hook up, but a few casts later across the sixty or seven foot wide river, I had a nice 10 inch brown on the line.  My wife was watching and yelled at me to throw it back since it was so small, and that’s what I did.  But, the next fish was just about the same size as you’ll see in the video, so kept that one.

I found out about this place from the two super nice Fish and Game officials.  We had run into them a few hours earlier and I asked them where the heck to go to catch some trout, and one of the guys told me this was the spot.  He said it had been stocked really recently with fish, and there was a great chance of catching something.  And, the best part is its literally on highway 128, so you can’t miss it.

After about an hour or so, a father and son showed up and stood right next to me.  They were pretty nice folks, locals for sure and not too grumpy that an out of towner was fishing on their turf.  The dad made it seem that he was going to show me for sure some fish right away, but as it turned out, I caught a fish while they were there and they caught ZERO.  So, just saying, no need to try to big shot anyone, its just fishing after all.

As for Vermont in general, what can I say.  There is an endless supply of rivers and fish to be caught.  Tomorrow we will be heading east to the more remote parts of the state and probably going to find some more trout.