Fishing Toledo Bend in Texas

With the Sabine River feeding it nice Texas Water all the time, this is one of the best places to fish, especially for good old bass.  It is definitely true that this is a massive lake, and its also true that of the nearly 200,000 surface acres, there are parts that are in Louisiana, but much is within Texas which is why its in this section of the site.

There are several different times of year that you might fish Toledo Bend.  Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer etc… and the fishing can be quite different depending on when you go fishing.

In the springtime,

Expect to catch: Catfish, Crappie, White Bass, and Black Bass.

The bass are typical fish.  The males will sit around all day long and guard the eggs once the females have laid them in the egg bed.  This surely doesn’t mean you can’t catch them though.  Jigs and spinner baits work the best in these situations and for this time of year.  Heck, youngsters even have luck throwing down some fishing eggs with a bober from time to time.

A really good place is just off Farm To Market Road near county road 2650.  Fishing has been great around that section of the lake for over 10 years straight now.  As well, good fishing is consistently reported around Bill’s Landing.  There are good numbers of white bass for some reason in this area for much of the year after they get out of the river.   If you have the urge to go near Paper Company Road to fish for crappie, that is usually a sure bet,  or quite possibly you could get into some catfish in that area too.  When it comes to finding ways to lure the catfish, stinkbait and nice fresh worms are the best for the catfish for most people.