Santa Cruz Fishing Reports

Santa Cruz Fishing Reports:

Rock Cod Details Below
It is their fishing report from a few days ago and before and before.

What a banner day of Ling and Rock fishing. We put in 5 limits of Lings to 18lbs, plus huge Black Cod to 8lbs, plus big Reds, Cabazone, Kelp Cod, and Blues. The waters have cleared up the coast, and fish are moving back in after the big swell last week. Gary and his crew were a pleasure to have on the boat. Also I still have a couple of spaces open tomorrow, Aug 2. If interested give me a call at 831-212-1832. Lets go wreck um.
– Sat Aug 1 20:17:00 2009

Today the weather was perfect. Grease sleack all day. The fishing in the morning started a little slow, but as the tides moved in it got better. We ended the day with near limits of nice Rock Cod, two Lings to 22lbs, and limits of Cabazone. And pulled our Crab pots on the way home, and put in 24 Dungenous Crabs to end the day.

– Sat Jun 6 22:46:44 2009 The fishihg today started a little slow. But as the tides changed, It picked dramaticaly. We put in near limits of assorted Rock Cod. plus Ling Cod to 22lbs. The weather was perfict. Lets hope it holds. Also there are a couple of boats offshore keeping the new warm waters moving in honest. Lets hope there holding Albies.

– Sat Jun 6 19:42:59 2009
Just an update. The National Data Bouy Center reports forcasts of calm seas for the next 4 days. Lets take advantage of the conditions.

– Sat May 30 20:05:44 2009
What a great day to be on the ocean. All day the weather were perfect grease slick calm, and the fishing was fantastic. Our 5 anglers put in limits of big Ling Cod to almost 20lbs, and near limits of Rock Cod, then stoped on the way home and pulled the Dungenous Crab pots, and put in 17 Crabs. It was a pleasure to be on the ocean today. I almost hated to call it work. Nate and his crew were a pleasure to spend the day with. And I hope they return.

– Sat May 30 19:49:24 2009
Today it looked like things are picking up. The water temp and more bait is finally moving into our area. We pulled our Crab pots in the morning to get limits, then headed up the coast to put in 36 Rock Cod, and 5 Lings to 18lbs for our 4 anglers. The weather was great.

– Fri May 29 19:45:54 2009
The fishing locally has been a bit boaring for me. The same old Gopher Cod, and small Blues and Blacks. Boy what a fight those are. Last weekend we ran to Pt. Sur, and just wrecked um. Not knowing what we would catch next. Mostly Big Vermillion, Olives, White Bellies, and some others I have to look up in the Reg Book. The weather was perfect. If your interested, everybody throws in an extra $20,00 bucks to cover fuel costs, and we go for it. Also we have to keep an eye on the weather. Because we’re 50 miles down the coast, we don’t want to beat ourselves up coming home. Lets go fishing.

– Wed May 27 17:24:35 2009
Just a special report. The Dungenous Crab fishing has been off the charts. Our last trip we put in 8 limits for our passengers and crew by 9:00am, then went looking for Rock Cod. Its a great way to start the day. The winds have been a bit heave the last couple of days. But the forcast for the next few days looks great. That allows us to check all our secret spots up the coast for Halibut and Rock Cod.

– Tue May 26 23:08:30 2009

Below is a good article about fall fishing in and around the Santa Cruz Area:

“The winds tend to calm down and the waves smooth out making conditions nice for chasing rockfish or venturing out for albacore.

The party boats at the Monterey Wharf report consistent fishing for rockfish, especially on the days they can jig-up live squid to use for bait. Limits are the rule. The albacore are a little closer to shore than before, and the nice weather has flattened the sea, so some of the boats are planning tuna trips in the near future. A private boat recently reported catching 26 albacore at GPS coordinates 36/53 and 122/53.

Others are finding fish from 36/54 to 122/49.This is a good time to book a tuna trip.

Up in the Delta, small striped bass are still the rule.One angler described his catch as “stripers in diapers.” There are some decent sized fish being caught, but the reports say the larger fish are just now moving in.A couple of stripers up to 40 pounds have been taken near Decker Island and in the main Sacramento River by anglers using butterflied shad and bullheads.

Like the Delta, smaller fish are the rule over in the Forebay. Things will improve as the water cools.

Up in the mountains, trout fishing all over the state is generally rated as either “fair” or “good.” Anglers are doing best either early in the morning or later in the evening when the sun gets off the water.

A specialized Lahontan cutthroat fishery opened recently at Heenan Lake up near Markleeville. Heenan is closed for most of the year, but opens briefly every fall. It serves as a broodstock lake where the DFG raises Lahontan cutthroat trout, and there are some big boys swimming around in there.

The lake is open to bank fishermen and float tubers on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays through the end of October. The rules include single, barbless hooks and catch and release. This is about the only place in California where a trout enthusiast can hook up a really large Lahontan. If you have not yet caught one of these rare and special trout, put Heenan on your list of places to try.”

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