Only 2 Weeks Until California Salmon Season Begins

Everybody is hardly sleeping anymore it seems.  Whether you are talking about the young kids who are going to fish for their first time for ocean salmon off the California coast, or if you are talking about the old grandpas who are getting some wood once again before the fishing begins.  It is true, the Salmon Opener is just around your corners, so ladies and gentlemen, get ready to start your engines.

It has been such a long wait, and its just about through, the big question remains about where the best fishing is going to be for the start of the 2011 Salmon Season.  There are the usual suspects who think that the best fishing will be down deep in the deeper 200 foot waters, and then there are other theories right now that are starting about the bait fish and bait balls that have been tracked in much shallower water compared to usual for this time of year.

If everyone looks back to the most recent salmon opener, which was several years ago now, the best confirmed fishing was out of Santa Cruz Harbor, where most anglers on opening day caught just under a 1 fish per rod average of salmon.  The fish were also caught off the Soquel Hole for the most part, with the overwhelming majority taken by anglers trolling dodgers and hoochies.

Last Minute Salmon Fishing Season To Do’s:

  • test out all of your fishing reels to make sure they flow freely
  • set new fishing line on your favorite pole
  • order your fishing gear before opening day, there are reports already of inventory problems with fishing gear
  • buy your fishing liscense (either online or at your local fishing tackle shop)
  • do some test runs with your boat, and make sure your battery is loaded up and engine is in good running order
  • make sure you have life jackets for everyone who is going to fish with you
  • buy bait, and throw it in your freezer, too many people I’m afraid are going to go baitless on opening day

Good luck to everyone who is going to take part in the 2011 California Salmon Fishing Opener


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