North Fork Stanislaus River Stocking

The Stanislaus River appears to have a semi regular trout fish stocking schedule. You can view some of these details on the California Fish and Game site.

And now, in looking back at our horrible fishing expedition last week to the North Fork of the Stanislaus River, I am wondering just how much the fish stalking has to do with our horrible luck.  Someone who we were camping with off the river made mention that if you go fishing right after the river has been stocked….the fish do not bite.  Meaning that it is best to wait for several days after the fish have been stalked before you start fishing for them.

After looking at the fish planting on the Stanislaus, it doesn’t appear that there was any fish stocking or planting going on the week before or after we were fishing the river.  So, now I am more confused than ever as to why we failed to really catch anything.

If you are an expert at fishing the North Fork of the Stanislaus river, please make some comments on what you think about fishing right after or during times when the river has been stocked, because so far, it seems quite a few people are confused as to how the fishing is after that happens.

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