Lobster Fishing In California

The Lobster season has started once again in Southern California and the catching has been pretty good for scuba divers and shore divers near Santa Barbara.  Several of the dive boats who have been going out on two or three day trips to the Channel Islands have reported many of the divers coming back with limits of nice sized spiny lobster.

Santa Rosa Island seems to be the best island so far in terms of number of lobster being pulled out of the water on any given day.  But San Miguel is not too far behind.  With the calm seas before the recent story, many of the dives for these lobster have allowed some good visibility.

There have been also some reports of some private boats going out to Anacapa Island and taking night dives with flashlights to hunt down the local lobster.  This is sometimes very productive as well, but of course the level of danger involved in a night dive is always higher when compared to the day time.  If you are thinking of attempting a night dive, be sure to dive with others who are experienced with this type of thing.

Much of the rules and regulations for California Lobster fishing has remained the exact same as last year, but be sure to read up on the laws and regulations prior to going on your next lobster trip.

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