Fishing the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska for Halibut and Salmon

Fishing in Alaska is something brand new for me.  Going to a true fishing lodge is also something brand new for me.  It’s been just about 7 hours since we landed, and I think I just might be hooked for life.

Alaska is such a beautiful place, and by the looks of all the pictures on the walls of the Deep Creek Fishing Lodge, we are probably going to be in for some super great fishing over the next four days.  Tomorrow we are heading out on the ocean or salt as our captain Steve who is the owner of the Deep Creek Fishing Lodge says.  We are going to be in search of some halibut, which he says we will be sure to catch within minutes.  Our plan is to go salmon fishing in the local river the next day.   I can’t wait, this is exactly what I have been waiting for, the chance at catching a monster halibut up here in Alaska.

So here is the quick summary of this Alaskan fishing trip so far.  1) We left San Francisco airport for Seattle, then took a second plane to Anchorage, then a final 3rd small plane to Kenai.  All of the travelling was a total of about 9 hours.  Once we landed in Kenai, a woman from the lodge picked us up and we took the Hummer about an hour until we arrived at the Deep Creek Fishing lodge.

The Deep Creek Fishing Lodge is amazing in many ways.  First off, it is a true wooden log lodge.  All of the smaller cabins that are for guests to sleep in are wooden logs too.  And it sits on a bluff which is about 50 feet above the sea level, so you have a perfect view across the 38 mile channel to the other side where there are several 11,000 foot peaks/volcanoes to look at.  Please enjoy the pictures of the lodge as well as the videos, its super impressive.  If the views and the background aren’t enough for you, you will definitely be impressed with the staff and owners of the lodge.  Steve who is the owner is full of all kinds of fishing stories. Tonight at dinner (king crab legs and a massive mix of cold seafood for starters) Steve said that he has been fishing these exact waters for over 25 years now and is one of the top captains in the area.

King Crab Dinner at Fishing Lodge
Deep Creek King Crab Dinner

He said he won 9 derbys within that time period, so I am feeling pretty good about our chances at a nice halibut or two or five.  The rest of the staff is also super great, and very helpful and there to help you out whenever you need anything.

Since it is early June, the one odd thing so far has been how light it is.  It’s 11:30pm right now, and although I know I need to go to sleep to be rested for fishing in the morning, I just can’t.  It’s so light outside, and I am getting ready to take some pictures of across the channel to get some good sunset shots of the volcanoes…. Who could blame me.

Some good stories to come soon, I’m not sure if I will be able to sleep at all tonight.  Sarah is coming to wake us all up tomorrow moring at 5:00am for a 5:30 breakfast…. life is great up here at this Alaskan fishing lodge.

Here is a photo looking past the Deep Creek Fishing Lodge and out over the water.  The mountains with snow on them across the channel are 38 miles away.Deep Creek Fishing Lodge Kenai

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