February Fishing In Cabo Mexico

Just had a fishing report delivered from my pops who has been down in Cabo all of last week fishing and unfortunately it did not sound too good.  A few days they weren’t even able to get bait from the bait guys at the Palmila hotel.  That is never a good sign.  But there were several sierra caught, and on one of the days, they landed a nice pair of yellow fin tuna out near Gordo Banks.  The early part of last week was real windy and so come the early afternoon it was all blown over out there with a steady chop all the way back in from wherever they were.

As for the marlin bite, there was not much news on that. Some reports came in about stripped marlin being caught near the Golden Gate Bank around the point of Cabo itself, and others were talking about a few marlin hooked up near the 95 Spot.

All in all, it seems like some people got a few, others not so much.  Here is one picture that was taken last week down in Cabo that surely is a great one.  My dad claims this was taken from a friend of his who is a photographer down in Cabo…

marlin on kayak

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