Crab Season is Starting in California

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The beginning of the Crab season is coming, and its pretty clear by the look of the harbors around California.  It seems that right now the commercial crab fishermen have taken over parts of parking lots, especially in Santa Cruz harbor.  Earlier today, there were thousands of crab traps sitting in piles and stacks all over the place.  Dirty crab fisherman were getting their gear all ready for the crab too.

What a great time of year, lets all hope that the crab season turns out to be a great one where all the fisherman can pack in their quota of crab and have a fun and happy catch.

Getting ready to go crabbing is no easy task.   There is quite a bit of work involved in cleaning your crab traps, and also in making sure there are no escape routes for the crab.  Often crab traps will become rusted to the point where some of the trap doors don’t move at all.  This is a big problem for crab fisherman.

The Crab Report:

Currently, local Crab fisherman are having good success down at Pacifica Pier.  Most of the crabbing has been done on the weekend, or at least thats the only time that people have reported their catch back to the tackle shops. Some of the crab fishing at Santa Monica pier has been decent as well.  Many people have been taking nice clean Spider Crab from the Los Angeles to San Diego piers as well.

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